Isn’t It Time You Were Reunited With Your Dentist?

14 November 2022
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What's the worst that could happen if you skip your regular dental checkups? This is a big question, and the outcome depends on your standard of oral hygiene, your diet, and how long you've gone between checkups. But if it has been some years since you last had a dental checkup, what can you expect? Precautionary in Nature You should never be embarrassed or hesitant to schedule an appointment with your dentist after an extended break. Read More 

Different Types Of Teeth Cleaning To Stay Healthy

5 October 2022
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Proper teeth care is not only important to the health of your gums, but also to your overall health. Germs and bacteria can accumulate on your teeth and can then travel to other parts of your body. Daily brushing and flossing are a good start to keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy but you should also visit your dentist regularly to make sure you are removing everything from all the hard-to-reach spots. Read More 

Addressing Common Concerns About Dental Implant Surgery

6 September 2022
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Dental implants are awesome, but they do need to be inserted via a surgical process. This causes some patients to be concerned about the procedure. While most of the common concerns about dental implant surgery are understandable, they can also all be addressed and minimized with proper protocols, as you'll discover below. Concern: You won't wake up from the anesthesia This is a concern prior to any surgery. You may have heard horror stories about people not waking up after surgery. Read More 

Questions About Using IV Sedation At The Dentist

3 August 2022
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Do you have an upcoming dental procedure that you are feeling anxious about? It could be from the potential discomfort that you experience during the procedure or a general fear of going to the dentist. Thankfully, there are forms of sedation that can help you get through your dental procedure. Here are some questions you likely have about intravenous sedation, commonly referred to as IV sedation.  What Is IV Sedation? Read More 

Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment Options For A Dental Abscess

24 June 2022
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A dental abscess is a severe infection of the inside of your tooth, the surrounding bones, or your gum tissue. Because dental abscesses are purulent infections, meaning they contain bacteria-rich pus pockets, it is essential that you make an appointment with your family dental professional for prompt evaluation and treatment. Here are some signs and symptoms to be aware of and some treatment options to consider if you have a dental abscess. Read More