The Role Of Technology In Full Mouth Rehabilitation: New Innovations And Techniques

6 March 2023
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Full mouth rehabilitation is a complex dental procedure that can help restore oral health and improve quality of life for patients. Technology has played a significant role in advancing full mouth rehabilitation techniques, making the procedure safer, more effective, and more comfortable for patients. Following are just four of the ways in which technology is transforming full mouth rehabilitation and the new innovations and techniques that are available. Digital Scanning and Imaging Read More 

Essential Advice For Healing After Dental Implants

25 January 2023
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Many people who get dental implants agree that the implants are beneficial and life-changing. It can be quite a relief to have teeth that look, feel, and behave like normal teeth again. However, before you can fully appreciate your implants, you will need to heal from the surgical process that's required to insert them into your jaw. Here are some tips to help you navigate that healing period most effectively.  Read More 

4 Types Of Dental Bridges

21 December 2022
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If you have any missing teeth, you may fear that a partial denture is your only choice. However, dental bridges offer an alternative without the downside of dentures. If you would like to know more about dental bridges and the various types, keep reading.  1. Traditional Dental Bridge A traditional bridge needs two healthy teeth on either side of the gap (missing tooth). The bridge has two dental crowns connected to a fake tooth. Read More 

Isn’t It Time You Were Reunited With Your Dentist?

14 November 2022
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What's the worst that could happen if you skip your regular dental checkups? This is a big question, and the outcome depends on your standard of oral hygiene, your diet, and how long you've gone between checkups. But if it has been some years since you last had a dental checkup, what can you expect? Precautionary in Nature You should never be embarrassed or hesitant to schedule an appointment with your dentist after an extended break. Read More 

Different Types Of Teeth Cleaning To Stay Healthy

5 October 2022
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Proper teeth care is not only important to the health of your gums, but also to your overall health. Germs and bacteria can accumulate on your teeth and can then travel to other parts of your body. Daily brushing and flossing are a good start to keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy but you should also visit your dentist regularly to make sure you are removing everything from all the hard-to-reach spots. Read More