4 Factors That Will Increase The Cost Of Dental Implants

26 January 2015
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Dental implants are critical in order for a person to maintain long-term health. This is because if you are missing one or more teeth, not only will your smile be marred, but the other teeth will start to migrate to fill that space. This can destroy a person's bite and cause significant pain. Dental implants are an easy way to avoid these problems, but can be prohibitively expensive. There are four main reasons why the cost of dental implants might increase.

1. Large Number of Teeth Involved

If there are a large number of teeth involved, then the cost is inevitably going to rise. This happens for a number of reasons. The first is that if there are a lot of teeth missing, then more material is going to be used to create the implant. Another reason is that large numbers of teeth that need to be replaced increases the complexity of the implant and requires more skill to both create and install. This will increase the amount of money that a person will need to pay in order to have the teeth successfully replaced. Finally, the more teeth that you are missing, the more important it is for the implant to fit correctly. This will require you to pay for more visits to the dentist in order to have the implant adjusted.

2. Presence of Gum Disease

Having gum disease complicates the implant because it requires the dentist to either work around it or wait to insert the implant until the gum disease is completely gone. Gum disease can also erode the gums, which will mean that the dentist may need to find a specialized type of implant that will not further erode your gums.

3. If You've Lost Bones

People lose teeth for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the entire bone will be affected when a person loses teeth. This will require the bone to either be supplemented to support the implant, or a new implant will need to be created altogether. The increased specialty of the implant will drive up its price.

4. If You Need to Get Rid of Tooth Remainders

Sometimes the top part of the tooth will break off, leaving the roots behind. If the roots need to be extracted before the implant is used, then the cost of the extraction will be added to the overall cost of the implant.

If you need more information about implants, be sure to contact your local dental specialist, such as Periodontal Implant Associates, today.