How An Endodontist Can Save Your Tooth

19 March 2015
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Do you have a tooth that has a cavity that is too painful for you to cope with? Although getting the tooth extracted can get rid of the problem, you can also go for a root canal so an endodontist can save the tooth. In this article, find out what an endodontist can do to get rid of your painful cavity.

How Can an Endodontist Get Rid of a Painful Cavity without Tooth Extraction?

To save your tooth, an endodontist will focus on treating the pulp chamber area that is located in the bottom layer. It is easy for plaque to accumulate inside of a cavity and cause damage to the pulp, such as the blood vessels and nerves in a tooth. Damaged pulp must be removed before a tooth can be saved. Removing pulp will require that you undergo a root canal.

A root canal is a procedure in which a hole will be drilled into the enamel of your tooth so the endodontist can access the pulp chamber. However, it is also possible that no drilling will be done if your cavity is already so deep that the pulp chamber is exposed. What the specialist will do inside the pulp chamber is use dental tools to remove tissue like dead nerves and damaged blood vessels.

After successfully treating the pulp chamber with a root canal, the specialist will be able to drill the cavity and save your tooth.

What Kind of Filling Can an Endodontist Place Inside of a Cavity?

One of the most affordable types of fillings is a metal material called silver amalgam. The only thing about a silver amalgam filling that you may not like is that it will be conspicuous because of its color. If you want your filling to blend in with your natural tooth enamel, you may want to consider getting a tooth-colored resin placed in the cavity. A porcelain filling will also blend in with your natural teeth. You can expect to pay an average of $50 to $4,500 plus for your filling, depending on the type you opt for and size of the cavity.

A cavity can be so painful that you simply want the tooth removed to get out of the situation. However, going to a specialist to get a root canal is the best option if you don't want a missing tooth. Make an emergency appointment with an endodontist so he or she can treat the pulp chamber and fill the cavity!