Bad Breath? 7 Tips For Getting Rid Of It

17 August 2016
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Do you have constant bad breath? If so, know that this is a problem you don't have to live with all the time. There are some simple tips that will help you eliminate that nasty smell coming from your mouth.

Try A New Mouthwash

If you're currently using a mouthwash that isn't working very well, try a brand new one. Different mouthwashes can have a different reaction with those germs causing your bad breath. Switching to something new might be what is necessary to have great breath.

Use A Tongue Scraper

It might seem odd, but cleaning your tongue is just as important as cleaning your teeth when it comes to fighting bad breath. This simple tool can help scrape the bacteria from your tongue, which will help your bad breath problem. Just make sure to clean off the tool with warm water to remove the bacteria that is on it.

Fight Your Dry Mouth

Those suffering from dry mouth know that their breath can stink, even if they just drank some water to make their mouth less dry. If you are able to increase the amount of saliva that you produce, it can help retain moisture in your mouth and fight that bad breath. You can do this by chewing sugarless gum, since it stimulates the saliva glands and increases the saliva you produce.

Keep The Bad Foods Away

Some foods will naturally cause your breath to smell bad. This includes onions, garlic, alcohol, curry, tuna, and horseradish. Avoid them when you can to help your breath stay fresh.

Eat The Good Foods

Meanwhile, there are other foods that are known to make your breath smell wonderful. Try incorporating cheese, yogurt, parsley, and black tea into your diet to see if it makes a difference. You still need to combine these things with plenty of water to promote that saliva production while eating it.

Floss Often

It's important to floss twice a day when you brush your teeth, but you can also incorporate it throughout the day to keep your breath smelling good. Try brushing after every meal because it can help get rid of that food that is stuck in your teeth.

Know When To Visit A Dentist

If you try these tips and you still have bad breath, there could be another reason why it is happening. Visit a dentist to see if there is another problem causing it, like tooth decay, bronchitis, or an infection.