The Hidden Benefits Of Braces

23 February 2018
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If you've been thinking about investing in braces, but aren't sure about the cost for a cosmetic procedure, you'll be interested to learn that braces provide a lot of benefits, even ones that aren't related to how your smile appears. Braces are more common in teens, but even as an adult you can see some great results because of braces. 

Here are some of the hidden benefits of braces. 

1. Simpler Dental Hygiene

Many people who have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can struggle with properly cleaning their teeth. Your mouth not open very wide, or crowded teeth might be difficult to floss correctly. As a result, you might have staining in areas that are harder to reach. Some floss can even shred where teeth are just too crowded to work it in. You can even have trouble with tooth decay in crowded spots because you might not be able to fully clear out food particles and bacteria that get in the tight spots. When each tooth is spaced out nicely by braces, flossing will no longer be a chore.

2. Better Speech

The way your teeth form in your mouth can affect the way you talk. Many people who have lisps, who might experience a whistling sensation when pronouncing certain words, or who let air escape when enunciating can see drastic improvement after their bite has been corrected with braces. If you've been self conscious about your speech and speech therapy only provide partial help, talk to your dentist about how your jaw placement and bite could be affect the way your words come out. 

3. Reduced Oral Pain

Some people are so used to oral pain that they have almost learned to ignore it. However, some jaw pain is directly caused by tooth misalignment. TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, can sometimes be caused by a misaligned bite. You may experience jaw pain when chewing, locking when you try to open your mouth, or aching when your mouth is at rest. Braces are a common treatment for this problem. Crowded teeth can also lead to mouth pain. if one tooth is pushed higher than the others, for example, it takes a greater amount of chewing force, leading to increased wear on the enamel and eventual tooth sensitivity or injury. 

For more information about how braces can improve your life, contact a local dentist to see what options might be available for you. Visit a site like for more info as well.