What Are The Effects After One Session Of Teeth Whitening?

15 August 2018
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Everyone aims to have a perfect smile by showing off those pearly whites. It is quite embarrassing to flaunt yellowish or stained teeth to people. As such, people tend to give high importance to taking good care of their teeth, and one way to do this is by keeping them white. This is why some are relying on teeth whitening procedure such as teeth bleaching that come in several sessions to achieve the desired result. After one session, the following are the effects that could transpire:

Tooth Sensitivity

Sensations like tingles can be felt after a whitening procedure. Tooth sensitivity is considered normal and temporary. This sensation occurs due to the whitening gel's active ingredient, carbamide peroxide. As a result, the enamel gets thinner, causing nerve exposure beneath the dentin. This painful sensation is triggered by cold, hot, sweet, and highly acidic food and beverages. Dentists typically recommend patients to brush daily using toothpaste that has a low level of abrasives, floss teeth once a day, and to watch their diet by avoiding food and beverages that are too sweet, cold, and acidic.

Irritation of the Gum Tissues

Aside from tooth sensitivity, another known effect of teeth whitening after the first session is gum tissue irritation. As the teeth are soaked whitening gel that contains bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide, soft gum tissues undergo chemical burn. A mild sore effect can also be felt which normally last for 24 hours. To minimize gum irritation, gently brush teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and then rinse with lukewarm salt water.

Other Undesirable Effects

There are other undesirable effects brought by teeth whitening. These include gum bleeding, teeth discoloration, and sore throat. Due to higher concentrations of bleaching agents, teeth and gums are exposed to chemical burn that may cause redness, mild sore, and inflammation in the affected areas. It is recommended to immediately visit your dental care provider if side effects worsen to avoid any further damage to the teeth and gums.

There are plenty of teeth whitening products and procedures that are proven effective, but take note of the effects that come with them. As mentioned, teeth whitening procedures come in several sessions before one can achieve the desired results. Moreover, undergoing only one session is not advisable as effects have to be monitored by dentists. If you really desire a brighter and shinier smile, regular brushing, flossing, and dental appointments are the keys to achieving and maintaining it.

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