If You Don't Get A Dental Crown In A Timely Manner, You Could Face These Issues

29 January 2019
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Upon the discovery that one of your teeth is severely compromised, your family dentist may recommend that you get a crown placed over it. This dental procedure is an effective way to save a tooth that is already in peril. You have the right to agree to this procedure or decline it. You may be thinking about the latter option because of concerns over money or perhaps because you feel a little anxious about some dental procedures. It's important for you to reconsider this decision, however, because there are timing considerations to think about. If you don't get a crown in a timely manner, here are some issues that you might face in the future.

Tooth Loss

Perhaps the biggest problem that you could face in the future should you not need your dentist's recommendation to get a dental crown is the loss of the tooth. Dentists will only recommend that you get a crown when the tooth is in jeopardy — for example, perhaps because of a large filling or a deep crack through the enamel. If you ignore the problem, the situation is apt to get worse. For example, a crack can continue to deepen each time you clench your jaw until the tooth breaks in half. In such a scenario, you'd likely lose the tooth.

Future Dental Procedures

While you might choose to live with a gap in your smile in the event of a future tooth loss because you didn't get a dental crown in time, it's also possible that you'd eventually want to deal with this situation. There are multiple ways to deal with a missing tooth, including a dental implant or a bridge. In either situation, you'd be going through an extensive dental procedure. It's a better choice to have the crown up front to help you avoid these future procedures.

Stress And Worry

Failing to heed a medical professional's recommendation can often cause stress and worry. For example, if you decline the dentist's advice to get a crown, you might notice that you're constantly worrying about the condition of the tooth. For example, if you have a cracked tooth, you might worry every time you eat something hard that you're going to break the tooth. You may feel a little silly returning to the dentist to help you after you ignored his or her recommendation, which will only cause you more stress. You'll avoid all of these issues by getting the dental crown in a timely manner.

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