Teen Play Hockey? Fully Understand When Dental Implants Are Necessary

13 August 2019
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High school hockey can be a fun experience that brings a lot of joy to your child's life. Unfortunately, they may end up getting hit with a puck during a game that causes severe tooth loss. In this situation, they may need a dental implant to ensure that their dental health remains strong.

Tooth Loss Can Be Problematic in Hockey

When your teen gets hit in the mouth during a hockey game, they are likely going to suffer from real dental damage. The cliché of NHL hockey players with many broken teeth is something that has basis in reality. Unfortunately, this situation can be very hard for many teenagers to handle, particularly if they have other oral health issues that could impact their self-esteem and their overall health.

Even worse, a child's oral health may be compromised if they lose teeth in this way. A good smile needs to have all the teeth be in great shape to keep the skull strong and the jaw supporting. As a result, you need to do what you can to ensure that your child gets care, and one way is through dental implants.

Dental Implants May Help

Dental implants are something that most dentists don't give to children or teens unless they are absolutely necessary. However, the kind of severe damage caused to teeth by a hockey puck is often best fixed by a dental implant that takes over the place of the damaged tooth.

A dental implant is designed to last for years after installation, particularly if your teen takes proper care of your teeth. Even better, dental implants can support their smile in a way that will ensure the rest of their teeth grow in properly and give them the oral strength that they need.

Just as importantly, dental implants also help to strengthen your child's smile and make it more strong. And while most teens have already gone through their baby teeth at this point, dental implants can replace any damaged baby teeth that they may have left in their mouth and which suffered from the puck injury.

So if you need help with this situation and you aren't sure where to start, please contact a dentist right away to learn more to see if dental implants are right for your child. These care experts will work hard to give your child the chance to recover from taking a hockey puck to the face and will keep their oral health as strong as possible.