Tips For Visiting The Dentist As A College Student

23 November 2020
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When you're in college, life is busy. Most students are not only trying to complete their coursework and attend classes, but also work, have a social life, and stay connected with their families. In all of the mayhem, it's easy to lose track of things like going to the dentist. However, it's really important to keep getting good dental care throughout your college years. A few years of tooth neglect could add up to cavities and decay later on, and you will really want those teeth when you're older!

With these things in mind, here are some helpful tips for visiting the dentist as a college student.

Find a dentist near your college

Prior to college, you were probably seeing a dentist in your home town. Maybe you planned on going back to this dentist when you came home from college on holidays or the odd weekend. However, many students who make this plan don't actually end up at the dentist; they get too busy or don't end up going home as often as they expected. It is, therefore, better to find a new dentist close to your college. This will give you more flexibility in scheduling. You won't have to worry about squeezing in an appointment when you're home for a break and meant to be relaxing.

Don't schedule your appointments too far in advance

For someone with less going on in their life, it might be beneficial to schedule dental appointments 6 months out. But when you're a college student juggling multiple obligations, it's almost certain that your schedule will change within those 6 months. Then, you'll be forced to reschedule the appointment, and it's far too tempting to just keep pushing it off. So, instead of scheduling so far out, call and make an appointment just a week or two in the future. You'll have a better idea of what's going on so you are less likely to have to reschedule.

Look into payment plans and sliding scale options

If you do not have dental insurance — which is a common situation for college students to be in — it may be tough to afford your regular dental cleaning appointments. Look for a dentist who offers payment plans or some sort of sliding scale services. Many dentists are understanding of the situation college students are in and will work with you to make their services more affordable. They'll be happy you're dedicated to taking care of your teeth and therefore willing to make some accommodations if needed.

Make sure you keep visiting the dentist while you're in college. Your teeth depend on it.