Dental Implants: Are They Necessary For Children?

6 January 2021
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Dental implants are a wise solution to missing teeth in adults, but with children, the decision to have a dental implant surgery should be taken seriously. There are alternatives to dental implants for all patients, including bridges, temporary teeth with retainers, and even dentures.

Kids can get dentures, but every situation is different. If your child has a missing tooth and you have explored other options but still think a dental implant surgery is best for your young one, use this guide and the recommendation of your child's dentist to help you decide if dental implants are right for them. Are dental implants necessary for children? Maybe; so use this guide to assist you in making a decision.

It depends on the age of your child

Dental implants are nearly permanent teeth replacements that are placed in the jaw bone and then capped with a realistic-looking, durable crown. For this reason, it's wise to wait until a child reaches their adult years and has all their permanent teeth and most of their jaw and facial growth before considering dental implants for them. If your child is nearly grown and their mouth has not shown many changes in recent X-rays, your child's dentist may recommend they get dental implants to replace teeth they have missing.

It depends on the condition of your child's teeth

Your child should have other dental procedures completed before they think about dental implant surgery. Your child can use alternative tooth replacement tools, including partial dentures or a bridge, to replace a missing tooth until their oral health has improved otherwise. Remember: a dental implant surgery involves placing dental screws and attachments into your child's gums and jawbone, so you want to make sure they are free of gum disease and don't have any dental decay before considering any dental implants for them.

It depends on your budget

Dental implants can last a long time, so they are a great investment in many cases, but they don't come cheap. If your child has a missing tooth that can be repaired in cheaper ways for now, it might be best to consider them before you do a dental implant. However, if insurance will assist in part of the costs of dental implant surgery or your child has no other affordable alternatives, this solution may be best for them. So long as their jawbone has fully grown in, they can enjoy their dental implants well into their adult years with little investment other than oral care at home.