Tooth Reshaping—What Is It and Is It Right for You?

2 December 2021
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Are you on the lookout for simple cosmetic dentistry to correct minor defects with your teeth? You should consider tooth reshaping, a procedure that deals with minor dental challenges like overlapping teeth. Interestingly, even the smallest dental procedures can make a significant difference in your appearance.

Understanding Tooth Reshaping

It is a type of cosmetic dentistry procedure also referred to as odontoplasty or dental contouring. The main aim of tooth reshaping is to change the appearance of a tooth, either its length or shape, by restructuring the enamel.

The dentist can reduce the enamel in strategic places by a few millimeters to improve the appearance of your teeth. In most cases, dentists combine the procedure with bonding. Bonding is a procedure where the practitioner uses composite material to help shape a tooth.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Before beginning the treatment, the dentist will request a dental X-ray to shed light on the state of the tooth. Is it healthy? It will also show where the pulp is located and its size. If the pulp is too close to the enamel, the procedure may not be right for you. Also, if your tooth has an extremely thin enamel, the dentist will discourage you from proceeding with the reshaping.

If your dental X-ray results are okay, the dentist will proceed with the process. The procedure is fast and painless. To remove some small portions of the enamel, your dentist could either use a laser or drill. On completion, the dentist will do some polishing and smoothing. If you were only getting a reshaping without additional cosmetic procedures, you don't need special care after the procedure.

Can Anyone Get Tooth Reshaping?

Different people have different dental needs, so no single procedure suits everybody. You should consider reshaping if you would like minimal changes to your tooth. Your tooth needs to be healthy, strong, and with thick enamel. Patients with decayed teeth, unhealthy or infected gums should refrain from getting odontoplasty. To be sure you are the right fit for the procedure, consult your dentist.

Advantages of the Procedure

The main advantage is that tooth shaping is inexpensive, with the charges usually starting from as low as $50 per tooth. The process is painless and takes less time. The procedure doesn't cause any discomfort, and an anesthetic isn't needed. Besides improving your appearance and oral health, the procedure helps eliminate plaque that may have built up. If left on the enamel, plaque could increase the chances of tooth decay and other diseases.

Although tooth reshaping is an affordable and painless procedure, you should always consult a local dentist before seeking this cosmetic treatment.