Benefits And Uses Of Dental Crowns

21 October 2019
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When a dentist suggests placing a crown on a tooth you have in your mouth, there is likely a good reason he or she is recommending this. Dental crowns are not just used simply because your dentist likes them, but instead they have many different purposes, uses, and benefits. If you need a dental crown, it is likely for one of the following uses, and you should understand that following through with getting a crown will yield a number of great benefits. Read More 

Does Osteoporosis Have Any Effects On Your Oral Health?

23 September 2019
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A lot of seniors suffer from a condition called osteoporosis. This condition affects the strength of the bones, and it can put a person at risk for a greater chance of breaking bones in the body. You might not realize, though, that osteoporosis can also affect a person's oral health. Here are several things to understand about osteoporosis and your oral health. The definition of osteoporosis Before you can understand the effects of osteoporosis on your oral health, you must understand what this condition is. Read More 

Teen Play Hockey? Fully Understand When Dental Implants Are Necessary

13 August 2019
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High school hockey can be a fun experience that brings a lot of joy to your child's life. Unfortunately, they may end up getting hit with a puck during a game that causes severe tooth loss. In this situation, they may need a dental implant to ensure that their dental health remains strong. Tooth Loss Can Be Problematic in Hockey When your teen gets hit in the mouth during a hockey game, they are likely going to suffer from real dental damage. Read More 

Tips For Better Dental Hygiene And Avoiding Root Canals

21 July 2019
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If you dread going to the dentist, it probably means that you have had to have significant dental work in the past. Filling cavities, dental crowns, and root canals are not a fun way to spend a day or spend your money. Even if they are not fun, they are wonderful medical procedures that help save your teeth. Your dentist wants you to be able to avoid all the pain too! Read More 

Why Your Dentist May Recommend An Implant

26 June 2019
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Once an adult tooth is lost, it is gone forever. Consequently, the missing tooth can have a significant impact on a patient's appearance and health. A lost tooth leaves a gap in the mouth. This wide space causes a smile to look less uniform. Additionally, the gap may further mar the appearance by allowing enough room for the remaining teeth to migrate. As the teeth move into the space left by a lost tooth, they become increasingly misaligned. Read More